Facial Exercises: The DIY Facelift

Facial Exercises: The DIY Facelift

I am constantly researching ways to keep my youthful appearance. I must admit, I am afraid of growing old, but who isn’t?

I found out about facial exercises after googling “minimally invasive procedures to correct saggy upper eyelids” or something along the lines of that.  I recently noticed that my upper eyelids are starting to droop (a tad bit), and I don’t like it. It’s not that noticeable, but hey, I noticed it, and I don’t like it. lol.

Exercising your face muscles works the same way as exercising the rest of the muscles in your body. You work out muscles to tone them and create definition, so why wouldn’t it work with our face muscles too? You can sculpt your gluteus muscles to appear firmer and more lifted. That’s what we call a natural butt lift! So if we are capable of doing this, why wouldn’t we be able to give ourselves a natural facelift by exercising the muscles in our faces? Think about it – gravity pulls your skin and muscles down over time. By exercising your face muscles, this creates resistance to the gravity, and your muscles become firmer and stronger, and they are able to better fight off gravity.  It makes sense to me.

When I found out about the fascinating subject of facial exercise, I just had to try it out! The next day I purchased one of the cheapest facial exercises books I could find titled Eva Fraser’s Facial Workout. I bought it “used” for approximately $5 on Amazon!

When the book arrived, I was ecstatic. I moisturized my face and got to exercisin’. After a month or so of facial exercises, I can honestly say that, they have worked their magic on my little face muscles. Granted, I have only stuck with the eye exercises (out of the several other exercises in the book), but they really do work…at least for me!


One of the eye exercises I really like is on Eva’s website: http://www.evafraser.com/facial_fitness.html. It works very well for me, along with the other eye exercises in the book. Immediately after doing this exercise, my eyes feel so much lighter. I no longer have that heavy feeling in my eyes, and the droop in my eyelids has dramatically decreased. The first three days of doing the exercise, the droop seemed to have worsened, but after a few more days, the droop was lifted even more than it had been! I was so excited to see results so quickly. I am assuming the younger you are, the faster the results appear (because the younger you are, the better condition your skin is in).

Facial exercises don’t just help with droopy eyelids. They are also known to:

  • Create more defined cheeks
  • Firm up the neck
  • Generate a more youthful appearance in general
  • Lift saggy upper and lower eyelids
  • Correct dark under-eye circles(by lifting cheeks and lower-eyelids to fill in the hollows under the eye)



Yes, facial exercises can help with under-eye circles! I am very excited about that last bullet point, if you can’t already tell!  I have horrible under-eye circles thanks to genetics. Thanks Dad! J.  Eva has an eye exercise that involves placing your fingers below the eye (to create resistance), and slowly lifting your under-eye muscles (which in turn lifts the muscles and skin to eventually fill in the hollowness). I have not been persistent enough with this exercise to notice any results, but I plan to take this exercise more serious starting now! The cheek exercises are also supposed to help fill in the hollowness under your eyes. J  I will let you know if these exercises work out in a month or so.

Now, I am no subject matter expert in facial exercises. I am simply speaking from my own personal experience. So please do some of your own research on the topic before you jump right in. There are some people that say facial exercises cause wrinkles, but I don’t believe they cause wrinkles as long as you perform them correctly. Also, buy a book, or video on the subject. They are more informative than anything you will find on the internet. Eva Fraser and Carole Maggio are the stars in the facial exercise industry so I suggest purchasing one of their books or instructional DVD’s.

I do have some general tips for facial exercising to get you started: If you start any facial exercises without a properly moisturized face, you may produce unwanted wrinkles. So always stay moisturized! I always moisturize with grape seed oil prior to starting the exercises.

Warning: I did try some of the forehead exercises in the book, and I noticed several fine lines developing along my forehead. The fine lines scared me enough to do away with the forehead exercises. I was afraid the wrinkles I was developing would get deeper, so I stopped. Thankfully, they all went away in a couple of days. I did do some research and read that, the fine lines you develop when you begin the forehead exercises eventually go away as your forehead muscles gets stronger. Some people swear by the forehead exercises, but I would rather not continue them for the sake of my wrinkle-free forehead. I am too chicken to try this one out.

All and all, facial exercises are a great natural, preventative measure to prevent your face from falling south, and to upkeep your youthful facial features. I will keep you updated on how well the under-eye and check exercises work. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

If you’re interested, I posted an UPDATE to my facial exercise journey here.

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  1. Hi 🙂
    How are your dark under-eye circles going?

    • Hi Angie! 🙂

      My dark under-eye circles improved a lot when I doing the exercises at least 5 times a week, for 5-10 minutes a day. I noticed much improvement after about 2 weeks. These exercises won’t cure your under-eye circles, but they can drastically improve them as long as you are persistent, and patient. I’ve been slacking lately, and I haven’t been doing the exercises every day like I should though. I seriously need to start doing them again…starting today! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me! Have you tried any of the eye exercises out yet?

  2. Hi Ash
    Nope I’ve never tried them. I’ve recently purchased Carole Maggio’s DVD online but waiting for it to arrive. So I’m looking forward to trying it out. I was hoping her Facercises include exercises to combat dark under-eye circles. I haven’t bought any books on it though as I was thinking DVD would be more bearable with an “instructor” and hopefully won’t get lazy doing the exercises.

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