Gnarly Websites

EWG Cosmetic Database – – A nifty database created by the Environmental Working Group that rates the toxicity of cosmetic consumer products. Here you can see how toxic your shampoo, makeup, sunscreen, etc. are. After you see how toxic everything you own is, you can find less toxic products on the database.

Still – Have you ever wondered how long an onion will stay fresh for? Well, this website will tell you how long  different foods will stay fresh for, and how to store food properly.

The Happy Cow – Find restaurants in your area with vegan and vegetarian options

Earth Ships – I may not be able to afford one of these self-sufficient homes made out of recycled material, but I think they are badass! These homes are powered by the sun and wind, they collect their own water, filter it, & recycle it, and they have their own sewage system.  These Earth Ships are so cool. I want one!

Green People – A directory for finding local health food stores, organic food, green products, and more!