Beauty & Wellness Products I Love

Beauty & Wellness Products I Love

Prevent wrinkles & sagging skin with this pillow

I purchased this pillow a few months ago and I absolutely love it! It’s in the shape of a wrench/dog bone to keep your face from smooching up against your pillow while you sleep (which can result in wrinkles, temporary lines, and sagging skin). It is SO comfortable!

You can lay comfortably on your back or side without worrying about messing up your beautiful skin. I no longer have pillow lines on my face anymore, nor do I have puffy eyes when I wake up in the morning! Because I purchased the smaller pillow (La Petite), I have to put it on top of a regular pillow, which is fine by me. The Save My Face pillow is a bit pricey, but I think it is a great long-term investment to prevent premature aging.  

Gently exfoliate your face with this toxic-free cleanser
This stuff smells incredible! It smells similar to lemon pie! Yummy!… Not only does this product smell good but it also works great!

It is a gentle exfoliating face cleanser with a very low toxicity rating (according to the Environmental Working Group). You only need to use a small quantity to wash your face. You just put some on your fingers, add a little bit of water, rub your hands together to make the cleanser foam, and apply to your face. It gently exfoliates with the help of rice powder and sugar, and cleanses and moisturizes with ingredients such as: olive oil, chamomile, lavender, sage, calendula, rose hips, lemongrass & orange, vegetable glycerin, and seaweed extract. I love how natural this product is! I accidentally got some in my mouth and it tastes incredible too! LOL. No worries though; it has a very low toxicity score of a 1. My skin is a little dry after using this product (probably due to the lemon & orange extract) so it is essential for me to moisturize after cleansing. I usually only use this product twice a week to exfoliate my skin. The rest of the time I do the oil cleansing method to wash my face.

3.YES TO CARROTS! Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner:
Have beautiful Hair without the toxic buildup

OMG! I love this stuff! Say goodbye to your toxic shampoo and conditioner! Yes to Carrots! Nourishing  shampoo and conditioner are free of toxic chemicals like petroleum, sodium lauryl sulfate, and paraben! Thank goodness!  The shampoo cleanses my hair perfectly and the conditioner adds just enough moisture to where my hair is soft and manageable. I have a relatively oily scalp, and surprisingly both the shampoo and conditioner work great for me (considering it’s for normal hair). The only thing I had to get used to was the smell. It’s definitely not a bad smell. It just doesn’t have a typical chemical smell to it like most shampoos and conditioners. It definitely does have a clean “carroty” smell to it though. I didn’t like it at first until I smelled it on my boyfriend’s hair; then, I thought it smelled pretty good. Yes to Carrots! also has a Yes to Tomatoes! and Yes to Cucumbers! Shampoo and Conditioner but I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet.

Protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays with this toxic-free sunscreen

I absolutely love Aubrey Organics products! I purchased this lotion to use as a face moisturizer before applying makeup in the morning. It contains a safe SPF (aka zinc oxide) to protect against the sun’s rays and prevent premature aging. The real reason why I selected this product over other products on the market is because The Environmental Working Group’s toxicity rating for this product is a 1 out of 10 (which is excellent for a facial moisturizer containing sunscreen)! I have combination skin and this product keeps my skin well moisturized (without feeling greasy at all). The lotion has a very thin consistency so it feels very light-weight on my skin. The product contains organic aloe, organic jojoba oil, and organic sunflower oil to moisturize the skin. The only thing I don’t like about this product is the tube packaging. Because the lotion is so thin, when I open the cap, the lotion flows quickly out of the tube without applying much pressure. Aubrey Organics should probably invest in a bottle with a pump for the product. Other than that, I really like the lotion, and will continue to purchase it.

Ditch wheat pasta, and make zucchini and squash pasta!
Pasta and bread have not been treating my digestive system too nicely lately so I have been trying to avoid them as much as possible. To solve my dilemma, I decided to google alternatives to wheat pasta. I came across several websites claiming you can use a “spiral slicer” to create zucchini and squash pasta which was very exciting to me! I had no clue what a spiral slicer was at the time but the concept of zucchini pasta interested me enough to purchase this World Cuisine spiral slicer! I am very happy about my decision to purchase this product. I can now enjoy a healthy alternative to pasta. My favorite pasta to make is zucchini pasta. I normally eat it raw with spaghetti sauce, or olive oil & basil, but you may want to steam your vegetable pasta first to soften it up a bit.

Feel good about lathering this toxic -free body wash all over your skin!

  I purchased this body wash originally because it is 100% toxic-free according to the Environmental Working Group. I am trying to eliminate as many toxins as I can in my daily life and I am very pleased with my purchasing of this toxic-free body wash. It has a very pleasant smell; it smells like peppermint and vanilla just as the bottle describes. It’s not an overwhelming powerful smell like most body washes. It’s a very light fragrance but it sure does smell divine! It gets my body clean, leaving a soft pleasant fragrance on my skin. Plus, it doesn’t dry out my skin at all like a lot of body washes.

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